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Code 3 Indigo Pty Ltd is an Internet ventures accelerator. We conceptualise, plan and develop Internet business ventures with potential to achieve significant scale and global reach.

The company is Australian-based with good connections in China; and ideally, we seek to leverage the strengths of both into global markets.

The majority of our current in-flight projects are proprietary; these are at various stages of development and commercialisation. We also have a good pipeline of new opportunities ready to breakout.

Additionally, we partner with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them build and grow their Internet businesses. This may be achieved with us as an adviser, through a consulting engagement, by forming a co-entrepreneurship model or some form of joint venture.

Despite appearances, we are not a basement dwelling IT Crowd. Of course we build and host websites; do SEO, online advertising, content marketing; and social media and email marketing campaigns. But before doing any of these tactical activities, we seek clarity in the business vision and the strategy. Then we engage the relevant specialist team(s) in a coordinated, focused and outcome-based operation.

Agent Indigo, again, despite appearances, is only an avatar. We however, are real. We have real-world experience in business and IT (from micro-businesses through to some of the largest corporations) and we are willing to share our knowledge. Contact us if you would like to start the conversation.


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